Our entire way of being with ourselves and one another – individually, mutually and collectively – is now under evolutionary pressure to manifest radical new emergent properties. This, I believe creates the conditions for tremendous potential and hope.  


Terry Patten – Excerpt from A New Republic of the Heart




The organization of a cooperative global society is an urgent priority. With it, the threats of world war and global warming can be easily managed. Without it, human civilization may end this Century


John Stewart, An Excerpt from The Evolutionary Manifesto.




The actual name of this era hasn’t been named yet.  The idea is, it’s the age of integral ecology. We don’t have the language yet because we’re right in the middle of the creativity itself. The critical first step with this transformation is to understand our primary community is something beyond nation-state. It’s even beyond any culture.  It’s beyond any corporation. Our fundamental community is actually the Earth Community as a whole, so that we can begin to think and feel and assess things at that level. Now, we work in individual lives. There’s an intimate relationship we have with our local surroundings. But at the same time, we can have an awareness of the relationship of this local community we’re in, with this larger planetary moment. So simply identifying ourselves at this larger level is the first step.


Brian Swimme, Excerpt from the Current Moment




I travel around the world and meet people and talk to people from all different countries. And everywhere, people ask, what can we do? The question, what can we do, is the second question. The first question is, what can we be? Because what you can do is a consequence of who you are. Once you know what you can be, you know what you can do.  A spider can build a web, a beautiful web. A cat can’t. When the spider knows she’s a spider, she builds a web. When a cat knows, I am a cat. It can climb a tree. By knowing our nature, by knowing our gift, by knowing our being, who we are, naturally, we know what we can do. And we can’t afford wasting time. We have little time. We have to be precise now. When someone sincerely asks, what can I do? My humble answer, the only answer that I find in my heart to be sincere is, first, find out what you can be.


Arkan Lushwala from an Excerpt of Caretakers of Life




Many of us are experiencing vocational arousal, the wild and exciting desire to find our calling. But society does not yet have the social or economic systems in place to nurture and support the expression of this untapped creativity. Establishing new systems that can call forth our best is the work of the social potential movement.


Barbara Marx Hubbard, Excerpt from Conscious Evolution



Among the few who possess the inner strength to resist the mass unconsciousness will rise a new neo-indigenous people. Prophecies foretell of a people who will rise from earth's ashes like the Thunderbird, symbolizing rebirth. They will bring balance and harmony back to Mother Earth. The first of these beings will come as teachers and storytellers to remind us of the ancient truths of the star people and beyond. They will be pathfinders leading the way to a new universe, a new reality.

Great leaders, Warriors, and Shamans of many nations will be born and they will cleanse the earth for rebirth. Next will come the Planters sowing seeds of truth, justice, and freedom. The Storytellers, Warriors, and Planters will live in the way of the Great Spirit and teach ways to keep Mother of the Ground sacred forevermore. They will be called Rainbow Warriors for they will gather the four sacred directions, all distinctly separate but forever connected in the Circle of Life."


Lee Standing Bear Moore, Manataka American Indian Council


Prophecy of the Rainbow Warriors


I used to think the top environmental problems were biodiversity loss, ecosystem collapse, and climate change. I thought that with 30 years of good science we could address those problems. But I was wrong. The top environmental problems are selfishness, greed, and apathy.. and to deal with those we need a spiritual and cultural transformation. We scientists don't know how to do that.


Gus Speth