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I am a Keeper of the Bridge to Transformation


As a peace-loving, joyful pilgrim who walks a personal path of self-discovery in wonder and gratitude, I am honored to share this path to emotional freedom and self-empowerment with others to assist in the shift from a limited view of Self, to one of that opens the door to an expanded understanding of the potential and full embodiment of what it means to be a thriving human being today.


In my Keepership, I offer deep listening, respect, and gentle guidance to others through the sharing of life’s experiences and practicing healthy relationship skills. I also serve others as an educator, mentor, facilitator, and companion to accompany them on their personal quest for expanded awareness and freedom. I am honored to serve as a catalyst to the awakening of consciousness in others and to witness and participate in both personal as well as collective empowerment. As we come together to collaborate, we co-create the world we desire and serve each other, and the world, to raise the vibration of human consciousness on the planet. 


I also practice my Keepership by using the labyrinth as a tool of transformation. As a steward of Dimensions Labyrinth: Circle of Stones in Costa Rica, I facilitate labyrinth walks that foster a deeper connection to one’s inner Essence and to the elements present in the natural world. Walking the sacred path of a labyrinth can initiate an inner transformation through the sacred geometry inherent in the design of the labyrinth as well as the connection that is available with the elements of the natural world. 


In forging a continuous path of relationship healing and self-discovery, I have cultivated a strong connection with Nature. This nurtures my Spirit and provides a vital channel of energy that fosters a sense of inner peace and connection.  The Blue Morpho butterfly is my Spirit guide as its life cycle process demonstrates a complete metamorphosis or transformation. This process symbolizes the potential for human transformation as well. 


There are several significant influences in my life that have contributed to the awareness of my Keepership of the Bridge to Transformation. One of them is my passion for travel and learning about different cultures that culminated in a move to Costa Rica from the United States, twenty-three years ago. Living in a foreign culture and using a language that is different from that of my childhood has opened my eyes to new ways of experiencing the world, resulting in personal transformation. Another significant factor that has sparked my awareness in regard to my Keepership comes as a consequence of my participation in an online course offered by Barbara Marx Hubbard, entitled “ The Sacred Journey of Pioneering Souls”. (2015) From this course, I learned about conscious evolution and I experienced the power of creating a resonant field by forming “pods” or small groups of people who join together to co-create a synergistic energy field. This experience fueled my passion for on-going personal transformation and continued participation in shared, group practice. Finally, another significant influence that contributes to my Keepership is my dedication to the exploration of the ancient wisdom teachings and practices of the Essenes. This wisdom can be cultivated and applied to modern day life. I am grateful to have found a key to living a meaningful life of intention and service. 


What is my dream? I envision all life on the planet being recognized and respected for the uniqueness inherent in each life form. I imagine a Paradise Earth, complete with a pristine environment; where all Beings live in harmony with nature and each other; where love is the universal language; and cooperation replaces competition. It looks, feels, sounds, and tastes like an Earth of Peace, where all is well! 


I am nurtured and I nurture with deep listening, open and honest sharing, joy, and gratitude!


I am nurtured and I nurture with mutual respect,

deep listening , and sharing.





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We celebrate you and we honor you Rosemary Zikek!





Favorite Books:


The New Earth by Eckhart Tolle


The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz


The First Essene by Edmund Bordeaux Szekely


Favorite Quotes:

The lamps are different, but the Light is the same. 



The illuminated life can happen now,

in the moments left, due to your ego,

and become a True Human Being. 



Only from the heart can you touch the sky. 



Lord, make me an instrument of thy peace.

      Saint Francis of Assisi


 I assume that everything in my life is my reflection, my creation;

there are no actions or events that are unrelated to me.

All the people in my life are reflections of the various characters and feelings

that live inside of me.

      Shakti Gawain:  Living in the Light


Heros and Mentors:


Oprah Winfrey

Barbara Marx-Hubbard

 The Peace Pilgrim

Helen Keller 

Mr. Fred Rogers

Rudolf Steiner

Dr. Wayne Dyer